Halpern And Theo Adams Bring Avant-Garde Fashion Performance Art To Annabel’s

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If you’re not already familiar with the names Michael Halpern and Theo Adams, you’re officially a dying species. As the sequins-centric designer and avant-garde director took to the floor at Annabel’s on Tuesday evening, even the Mayfair club’s well-heeled members – in all their body-con cocktail dresses, blow-dries and bespoke suits – were given a pass to the subversive glamour that defines the current waves in emerging London fashion.

When Halpern was invited to present the last-ever salon show at the Berkeley Square club’s current location – before it moves next door – he called upon the Theo Adams Company and his troupe of performance artists to stage a performance of a different kind. “I don’t think Michael really wanted to do a salon fashion show to a bunch of billionaires,” Adams quipped before curtain call, “but we start like that, and then… we fuck things up. I don’t think Annabel’s know what they’ve let themselves in for.”

Clad in Halpern’s rainbow disco sequins, performers slithered their way down a runway framed by the tables of Annabel’s dining members, the club’s ceiling covered dramatically in Christmas baubles. What followed was an emotional rollercoaster of glitter, gloom and show tunes: girls and boys and undecideds in a firework of high-octane emotion, from elation to despair and everything in between. “Unicorns with glitter canons,” Halpern reflected. “It fits so beautifully into what I’m doing. What Theo does is all about juxtaposition: glamour and destruction, and sadness and complete ecstasy.” Across the stage, some club members initially looked a little perplexed. When the performers started grabbing the backs of their chairs and head-banging at them in disco-fuelled fury, they looked a lot perplexed. But it didn’t take long before they had to join in.


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